Friday, 22 July 2016

Love, Actually..

Movie day again.

Hi there!

Just finished watching Love, Actually, actually. Might as well write some reviews about the film. I am so not in the place to critic a film though but just sharing my thoughts on the film.

Loving comedy, romantic kinda movie since I was in high school so I was expecting more actually from the movie. I have watched many of these kind, trust me. So, back on the film. I like it, but not to the point that I can say that I love it. All couples have their own level of hmm how do I put this into words ya, I mean their own lovely feeling.

It managed to make go rolling on the bed because it was so chessy, cute and freakin' lovely. Hahaha, yes I was talking about Joanna and ya know that little boy from Hunger Games, ugh he is so cute. Their young, pure love make me screamed a little bit when it comes to their scene. I love them.

The Prime Minister, ah I never knew that Natalie would be the kind of girl that he would like so kinda surprising twist we had there. Seriously I never thought, she would be the one, considering on their first meeting. But, they were cute though. The scene where the Prime Minister went house by house to find his Natalie just heartwarming and sweet.

The Portuguese lady and the writer man made me confused when it comes to their part to be honest because I do not know what the lady was saying the whole time because she speaks fully Portuguese and there was no subtitle provided, so I'm quite confused and frustrated. However, the end story for them couple, good.

And the inappropriate couple oh God, I guess love is blind, love can be weird and it can comes in all forms at anytime in anyplace. It is so ridiculous and I am so not suggesting this film to kids but happy for them though. Smh.

Last but not least, I rather not talk about this last couple because if I did, I won't probably be stopping anytime soon. Not totally blaming the man but totally hating his secretary. Poor lady, I mean his wife, have to stay strong despite the affair that was going on. I wish I can hug her and tell her that everything would be just fine and be strong. If I can just tell her to punch her husband in the face and kick him right in the nuts yeah. That would be good too. But, I don't know, they have kids. I guess they still have something or reasons to make the relationship going.

I would give 5,2 for the rating. Just to be clear, my rating, my own and personal thought on the film. :)

I guess that is all. Bye.


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