Saturday, 30 July 2016



Zootopia. I guess imagination really have no limits. I love Zootopia. I never thought I would like another animation movie after Frozen, I was wrong! At first, I could not really understand the craze with Zootopia when it was out in the cinema. I was just like, nah, another animation movie. But, my fellow friends was like suggesting and promoting and keep on asking me to watch it. Now, here I am, with no expectation on the movie, watched it and it completely blew up my mind. Maybe it is just me but who cares, it makes me feel like a child again.

Not to mention, the cinematography was awesome. The details they made for every characters. The fur, the horns, the eyes, everything, they were so careful about every little things. I like it when they take into consideration for each characters/animals in the movie. Like, in Zootopia they have a lift, special for small mouse, the train which have three different sizes of door for the animals and more. I really do not know how to explain it, you need to watch it yourself. It was brilliant and creative.

The story line was good. It was about a small bunny which have a big dream to be a police officer in Zootopia, a dream city. It was something that people think would be impossible with her small physics and everything. Yet, there she is, joining the police academy and managed to become Officer Hopps. But, only to be given a job as 'meter maid'. There was a big case where 14 mammals have missing and Hopps have a deal with his boss to find one of it with her career on the stake.

She got help from a sly fox she met, Nick and from there their adventure begins. Then there were chases, hiding out, running away from the bad guy and everything and they managed to capture the villain. It seems like there is going to be a love line between Nick and Officer Hopps but, they are two different kind of animals so I think that would be impossible. But, I'm liking how their friendship developed though. Nick was cool, smart and very sneaky.

Anyhow, what I learnt from this movie is that to never give up. When people say no, you say yes. It is your dream so just go for it no matter how impossible it might be to you or even to anyone else. Hopps really show us great courage, determination and passion in this movie that we can learn from. One more thing, we cannot simply judge a book by its cover. We need to change that stereotype of seeing a sheep as nice and kind while fox is the bad guy. It does not always work that way. People are people. Stop putting labels and treat each other kindly.

I would give this movie 7 for its valuable lesson, good story line and splendid cinematography.

That is all for today. Good night.


p/s: you should try to listen to the song by Shakira (Gazelle) entitled Try Everything, it can motivate you when you feel like giving up

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