Saturday, 23 July 2016

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Love, love, love all the way.

Today I watched Crazy, Stupid Love. I do not know why, but I just love this kind of movie. I guess I am just that kind of person, hopeless romantic they say. Hahaha. Now let's get to the comment, I mean what I feel about the movie, shall we?

It tells a story about some guy named Cal Weaver which was having some problem with his wife. The world went chaotic for him when his wife asked for a divorce. We can totally see from the movie that they were clearly still love each other but somehow, it does not seem to be working out for them. Something is wrong.

But, then there was Ryan Gosling came rolling, God he was so perfect in that suit, I wish I could hug him demmit. It starts then, when Jacob played by Ryan tried to change Cal to be a better man. We often see in a movie where the girl went through a huge transformation and everything. However, in this movie, we get to see a midlle aged man that had given up on life get a freakin' transformation, so, to me, it is kinda fresh and new. Jacob and Cal is a funny combination. I laugh a lot, and enjoying their shopping, picking up girl in a bar scene.

So, here we have a brand new Cal Weaver and he is enjoying his new life, going out with different women only to realized that it is not it. He terribly missed his wife. He tried to call Jacob to talk about it but, Jacob is nowhere to be found. Guess where he is. Yeah, with Hannah, a girl that she met in a bar, which he tried his pickup lines and everything but it doesn't work.

We got another love story going on here. Jacob, a playboy or I don't know, a Casanova, trying his best to get this girl which he felt like, the one. The  girl was playing hard to get but, one day decided to come to the guy after she was turned down by his colleague that she thought was going to propose to her. So, they somehow get together and become a couple.

Now, let's get back to Cal. He actually prepared a surprise for his wife with the help of his children at their house with the intention of getting back together. Here come the plot twist. On the day of the event everyone get together and it turns out Hannah is Cal's daughter. So, imagine Cal's face when Hannah brought back Jacob and introduced him as her boyfriend.

There is more about the movie actually and you should watch it yourself. It is very light and easy to follow as the story line is not that confusing.To conclude it is another romantic comedy movie and it talks about love, family and to not give up. What I learn about Cal and his wife is that people often take for granted what they have and realized that they cannot live without it until they lost it. And Jacob and Hannah, had taught me that people can change and love can change people, yeah.

The rating hmm I would give 6.8. :)

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