Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Going Nowhere


That is all I can say that probably best describe my situation right now. I have been sending out my resume these days. A lot. Like a lotttt. But, unfortunately to no avail. I have yet to receivea single feedback or response. I woke up looking at my phone only to see messages from my telco provider. *sigh

I always sleep at night hoping that the next morning I wake up, I will be able to see, well, at least a single email notification responding to my job application. Even if it is an email rejecting my application, that would be okay for at least I know someone out there is reviewing my application. I would feel less pathetic that way.

I am feeling so hopeless these past few weeks. I have been jobless for few months right now. People have been asking me about it and it annoys me sometimes although I know they are just being concerned and does not mean any harm but still, it is stressing me out.

I really don't know what to do. I feel so useless right now because I am supposed to give my parents money at this age, I should make them happy and proud of me. I am freaking 24 years old for god sake. I am out of time. I am ashamed of myself.