Monday, 11 March 2013

Ais Krim Kacang


Have you ever had this one particular day that make you feel so..., so.., I mean so LOVED. You feel so happy, blessed, safe and and..... There is no word can described this. No. Nothing.Nothing can depicture this feeling ever. Nothing ! You just want to hug everybody around you, jumping around, smiling until your teeth fall into the ground. Everything just seems right. The best part is,you cried, the most precious juice from your eyes fall down like it will never end, ever. I know that the world can be mean and scary sometimes but you cannot tell when it can be beautiful and special when you need it to be the most. Warmth.
Thanks guys. #08032013
Liza, Fatinah, Naqibah

You remind me of warmth that I used to have with them. I miss you guys too Sya Syazana, Mira Zakfar, Huda Ishak Nor Adilah, Awatif, Fitri Amiril and 5 Arab Sains especially. Ukhwah Fillah. :)

Yang teristimewa.

p/s : Eating ice cream right now while crying. *omnomnom*