Tuesday, 21 June 2016



Hmm, this is surprisingly weird and terribly awkward. Haven't post anything in here since, I don't know maybe last year I guess. Last thing I remember was that I posted something like hmm nope don't remember anything. Whatever.

Anyway, I am in my final year, first semester now as a student in IIUM. Not exactly yet as the semester has not started (start in September fyi) but hey, I am freaking graduating next year. Who cares! Time sure flies. Been through ups and downs and downs and downsss all these while but, hey, I survived. God knows how much I was struggling to stay alive, yeah to stay alive. Suicidal thoughts? A close friend of mine. Depression? I don't know, probably my crush. Fake smile? My favorite outfit to be worn during the day. Shit, enough with all these, I am a positive person. I can do this. Gonna fake happiness till I really feel it.

What is life without drama right? I am happy studying while working now, yes working as a part timer does help to distract me from staying under those blanket of sadness. Money give happiness. Eh, no, scratch that. Money equals to food and food equals to happiness, yeah that is more like it. I am actually laughing right now because I think I am one hella funny person but to put "haha" at the end of my sentence is sort of weird. But still, know that I am actually laughing right now because I am funny, trust me.

I think that is enough for today, see ya when I see ya! Adios


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