Wednesday, 29 June 2016


This is getting weird. So not myself to be updating my blog few times in one week. Usually it is once per year. But, whatever, just need some place to rant. Twitter is no longer fun, It limits the things that I can say as too many people were thinking that the tweets were for them gosh and it only allows 140 characters so it is not enough pfft. My tweets can be random and unpredictable sometimes so let me be.

Anyway, I am getting negative nowadays to the point I am scared of myself. I am not me anymore. I am terrified actually. But, I can't really ignore it though. My mind is in a mess right now. Can't help but thinking about it all the time. To go home or not to go home. Things will be so awkward, which house should I go first? I hate this. Please don't let me choose. Can I just run away from all these. Can I?

I know this time will come. The moment when I realized things would not be the same anymore. Ever. I am scared.


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