Monday, 27 June 2016

Oppa San

Hi! Surprise to see me?

Anyway, had a blast with my brother two days ago. He asked me to accompany him to the hospital to see his patient. Initially hesitated to say yes because I was having mild fever but I followed anyway.

But, to my surprise, after waiting for few hours in the waiting room in the hospital, he told me that we're going to the mall for Raya shopping after he finished with his works, wehoo! The trip to the mall was hella fun and I managed to get two new pants, two new kicks and one shirt. Life is good, life is good~

After that, we went to the spa(?), I don't really know how to describe the place, but we went for a massage session and yeah, I feel healthier. It was almost time for buka puasa but unfortunately we could not find any place, every restaurants were fully reserved so what do we do was that we bought juice and also some jagung in a cup and we sat at the chair near the toilet omg we were so pathetic. We were laughing and giggling because we found that situation so funny the whole time we sat there. After Maghrib prayer, we managed to get seated in one of the restaurants and after dinner we went home.

It was a simple, unplanned yet a fun day, to be able to talk in the car with him, making jokes and everything. He is going to get married soon hmm. Feel like I am losing one of my bestfriends tho. Hmm..

p/s: new blog address--, yeah I know, I need not your opinion on this, thank you


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