Sunday, 23 August 2015

Happiness (幸福)

Trying to find my way to happiness.

I'm happy, today. Got new clothes, eating out, movie, meeting with friends (dorkie oppas to be exact lol) etc. These oppas kan, their jokes ya rabbi never cease to amaze me, seriously haha.

The thing was that when we were eating in the mall, I started whining to my brother about almost everything like always. We went down the memory lane and I told him the difficulties I'm facing with life, LOVE, family and everything else that matters.

As always, he started nagging like an old grandma, sorry no offense but you really does sometime oppa and I know you might be reading this in the future so for that I'm sorry haha, mianhae oppa.

Forget all those weird advises, I just remember one sentence that came out from your mouth and it really hits me that time, deeply. You said to me that "No matter how hard life can be upon you there is always another person on earth that is less fortunate than you out there, actually many of them."

I guess that is true. I now understand that among thousands of ways to feel happy is to be grateful with what you have right now. Be grateful.

There is always a rainbow after the rain so heads up and soar high in the sky Asfi Raihan. Aja-aja!

Till we meet again.


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