Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sunway Lagoon (Part 2)


This post is dedicated to my beloved friend Syazana. Well, I think you are the only one that is reading all my blog post, I think.

 So, this is following my first trip to Sunway Lagoon to try the bungee jumping. I forgot where I stop in the last post so we just go to the event of the day lah.

I registered, paid the bungee. Actually the actual price for bungee jumping is RM80 (for Malaysian citizen). But, the cute guy in the counter said that I could get less RM20 if I just like their Instagram account so duhh. *Liked*

I was waiting in line and suddenly all the butterflies in this freakin world somehow decided to gather up and settled in my empty stomach. Damn it. Was waiting in line looking at other people jumping in front of my very eyes, good Lord, they don't even scream like what? Asal tak jerit doh korang gila ke apa. Then my turn came. Wow, God knows how nervous I am.
My happy face tbh
So, the guy put the safety rope on me and everything, man it actually hurts my legs a little as they tighten the sponge(?), I don't know what is it call.

Abang tali jokingly said the rope pernah snapped before ha ha ha so funny la Abang - -'

So, despite the funniest joke I had heard in my life, with a heavy heart, I now stand at the end of the platform ready to jump. Nah, I am so not readyyyyy haha another Abang had to persuade me for about five minutes before I really jump though. Seriously, I almost gave up, like lantaklah RM60 melayang I don't care I don't want to do this. But, thanks to Abang tali and Fatinah who kept on motivating me, I took a deep breath, screamed my heart out and I jump! Yeay!

The thing is that, I jump funnily because I don't hear the instruction properly during the briefing so I look like a corpse being thrown form a cliff  like so jelly, so funny. One thing I regret until today was that I closed my eyes. Mannn, I miss the best view because I am too scared. I have the video of my first bungee in my Instagram, it is too much of a hassle to upload it here so you can watch it here. Anyway, looking forward to have another bungee jump moment again. In Macau, maybe?

One of the best day in my life I must say
p/s: I love you Sya and I miss you so much xoxo

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  1. ahha! baru baca this post!! I miss you too & sebab tu la saya selalu datang sini ^^