Thursday, 23 February 2017

Lorry and Bus

Yesterday, I almost got hit by a bus.

Yeah, I don't really know how to cross the road since I was small actually. Once, I almost got hit by a lorry in front of my house (my house is close to the main road fyi). Thanks to my mom for calling my name which stopped me to look at her when suddenly I felt a gush of wind pass by me. My mom was screaming and I just froze there, too shock to even do anything. That was my first time I encountered a dramatic near-death experience, I think. I have been traumatized since then to cross the road and always need someone's help if I were to cross. My family and friends know this.

Again, it all came back to me yesterday when I was almost got hit by RapidKL bus to be exact. It is just that I am  running to cross the road to catch the bus on the other side of the road, afraid that I would miss it just to wait another half an hour for another bus. Not even thinking, I just run. Thank god , the driver saw me and stopped. He shook his head and I couldn't be more embarrassed and scared than ever. I sat on the bus, not doing anything uulike always (playing with my phone, listening to songs). I just stare out of the window the whole journey to the LRT Station, still shocked.

The thing is that, it took me to almost got hit by a bus, only to realize that I didn't want to die yet. I used to think that dying was the only solution to my misery, but not anymore now. I realize that I want to love more, I also want to be loved. I want to ask for forgiveness and forgive people too. I haven't done enough for my parents, I want to see my brothers, sisters again and again. Playing and fighting with them. I want to go out and enjoy road trip with my friends, eat good food with them, try out new restaurants and watch Marvel movies and more. I want to meet basically everyone. I want to love everyone. I haven't realize how much I want to love until yesterday, the day when I almost got hit by a bus. 

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