Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Life Bungee

I did something crazy today.

OMG OMG OMG! I just don't think anymore. Actually I've been dreaming about doing bungee jumping in Macau which is one of the tallest bungee jumping spot in the world. I thought there is none in Malaysia but when I googled, there is freakin one spot in Sunway Lagoon for god sake.

I did some research about it. I googled about the reviews from people who had already try it out and of course the price and everything. Only to a disappointment, it is too expensive for me. I mean, I can pay the price for the bungee jumping but to pay the entrance fee to Sunway Lagoon separately, kills me. If I want to try it out, I would have to pay a total of RM130 and above. Moreover, I don't have any transportation, thus the public transport fee to be added to that. Argh!

I've been thinking about it for few days, when suddenly the inner child in me said to just go for it. I emailed Sunway management asking whether I can do the bungee jumping without having to pay for the entrance fee. They must think I'm crazy, pathetic or something and they might not even read it but I just don't care anymore. I just want to do it. I have had enough with myself saying wanting to do this, to do that, but nothing happen. So, I emailed them.

I have many dreams and I want to make it come true no matter what happen. I just want to make my life extraordinary, for once, well at least for me. People can laugh about it and maybe the bungee in Sunway is not that high but it surely feels that, if this happen, many more adventure will awaits for me in the future. I am just a kid with dreams, yeah 22 year old kid. I don't care. I emailed them.

Not putting too much hope on this but still, please Allah, make this happen for me.

*update: Man, I just checked the page, it is actually RM120 per adult for entrance fee, hmm k

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