Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Of Boredom

Bored to the max.

Been doing a lot of thinking lately, yeah after finishing all papers, I have lots of free time, like LOTS, so I decided to enroll myself in new subject called "Why My Life Is So Boring and How to Deal With It". Yeah, lots of session of thinking about unnecessary things were conducted during class.

They do not provide any classroom for this subject, so mostly were done on bed and occasionally on the stairs in my mahallah. It's fun, you know getting some fresh air amidst all the untangled knots that I've been trying to get rid of throughout the whole semester in my head. But, looking that I'm the only student, I don't have to be worried about space, I can sit wherever I want so yeah.

The course outline is pretty much simple. The topic would be gossiping, watching movies and Korean dramas, eating junk foods, very proactive and informative. Why proactive? You know in gossiping, I'm free to choose to speak to whoever I want and we will start talking about everything. I have to get up from my bed and find nearest people and start a useless conversation, can be considered as exercise too, win-win situation there (I have to walk kan so malas exercise checked).

Why informative? Hey people, don't you know movie can be very informative and fun at the same time, unless you pick the wrong movie la. I had once ter-watched very boringggg movie, I could die from boredom yeah really. I don't think I should mention the title here, might get a lawsuit from the producer, director or anyone else that matter. But, if you happen to find a good one, it might change your life so pick carefully.

That is how I deal with my boring life, not very efficient tho but who cares! Okay, it's time already, I have to get back to sleep class because I'm cool liddat. Best student ni.



  1. yo that course sounds interesting may i join the class? it's been a while until the last time i read your blog. Keep writing! hehehe

    1. I'm sorry to tell you that the class is full already. You too, keep writing, I'm a big fan of yours actually. xoxo

    2. well, i afraid you don't know me x

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