Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Trip That Wasn't a Trip

Long time no writes, le hand become stiff haha
Anyway just wanna share about a trip with my brother and his friends. Trip with boys, what to expect *sigh*

They came and picked me up in UIA and apparently, when I entered the car I can already sensed that they haven't sleep that night, playing DOTA of course, everyone look so tired and sleepy.
Somehow we start the journey and like always, they start playing with their phone as soon as we were on the road. Really can't understand this kind of behavior because me myself, can't focused on the phone in a moving car because it caused me headache and dizziness.

I think I slept for a while, don't know, couldn't really remember but, I do remember, when I woke up they already discussing about game strategies, you know things like, this hero is what power, that hero should use what weapon, upgrade this, do this do that, boooringgg.

Before that, why don't we do like a short introduction, get to know them a little bit.

The one that is sleeping is Ijat, I think he likes to watch anime, very popular with woman (according to my brother), beside him is Sabri very cheeky this one man, also verryyy popular with woman (according to EVERYONE) and the two at the back hmm couldn't really remember their name because I didn't see them as much as I see those two in the front seat so sorryyy. But, the one with the cap, my brother said that he does not have any kampung so, that's why he insist on following. The yellow shirt guy is Solihin's brother.

 Huh, couldn't be bothered to introduce this one (the one with earphone), but I need to, he might be sulking if I don't do so, my sweet, kind, charming and funny brother. Look at that, he is doing it again, the I-know-you-are-taking-my-picture-but-will-try-to-act-normal pose for the camera how nice hahaha

Apart from those "game" talks, the trip was normal, the scenery also were not that bad either.

The cloud I think look so pretty, wish that you could see it yourself, I'm amazed. I don't know whether it was because I haven't been out that much lately, but everything look amazingly stunning to me, even the grass made me went like "look at the grass, so green, so beautiful wahhh". 

The funny thing was that, we couldn't get through the radio channels and they started to get bored and my brother's thumb drive only have about 4 to 5 songs and we kept repeating it. So, I offered to copy my songs from my laptop, but of course it will be Korean songs and on top of that, they are OST so you can imagine how slow, emotional the songs would be. I did told them, but my brother said it is okay so yeah. 

But, after a few song, their face started to become distorted haha not actually distorted but I can clearly see that they started to get annoyed with the songs but the fact that they couldn't say no to Ihsan's lovely sister which is me *flips tudung*, they try to restrain from saying any curse words and I think my brother noticed that so he stop the song hahahaha. My brother start his own concert shortly after that, I don't mind actually, but I feel so sorry for them and how nice of them for being patience.

Nothing much happen after that, except for "we stop by a stall and have to eat a plate of kuey-tiau that have like armies of labah-labah's babies under the plate" story. Erk, tak nak ingat pun.

Touch down in Teluk Medan, Bagan Serai!


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