Saturday, 3 August 2013

Farewell Ramadan

Ramadhan is leaving.

Today marks the 25th of Ramadan. Yeah, this holy month is going to leave us soon. Sad isn't?
Yet, I still don't know what I've been doing for the past few weeks. I've been asking myself a lot  whether this Ramadan is any different from last year Ramadan in many ways. The things that I've planned to do since the first Ramadan, the things that I actually DID this whole month, the things that I actually accomplished, etc.

There's a lot of things that's going on in my mind right now but I can't say it to anyone, not even to a cat, Yumi to be exact because she is to busy taking care of her babies. *sigh* 
This big lump in my heart is sickening. I need to talk to someone but I can't. I just can't. I'm too paranoid of what will they think about me, how will they 'see' me after this, if I tell them what is happening?

But, I know that I'm gonna be just fine because He is with me. I know that when I talk all by myself, He's listening to everything and the thought of it just make me smile. I feel better right away. Dia lah sebaik-baik Penyembuh bukan?

Whatever it is, I'm still trying to be a better caliph, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend, a better student or maybe a better wife and daughter-in-law? Haha, LOL, no way, awal lagi laaa and calon pun takde lagi ni haaa, pfftt~ I'm just kidding okay, forget it.

That's it for now. By the way, dengan tinggal beberapa hari saja lagi di bulan yang penuh barakah ni, pecut lah, tekan minyak, dan lakukan ibadah sebanyak yang mungkin. Because, we don't  know if we can meet again dengan ramadan next year kan? Bukan exam je ada pecutan akhir, ini pun kena pecut jugak. Grab this oppurtunity, jangan sampai menyesal. Peringatan untuk diri sendiri jugak, sama-samalah kita ye. :)
Till we meet again.


p/s : Perbanyakkan istighfar dah selawat.

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