Saturday, 13 October 2012

End of Semester 1

Time sure flies.

Akhirnya berakhir sudah semester satu aku di CFS IIUM PJ nie .. Tapi,exam baru nak setat la,hehe,doa-doakanla ye ..

Tak sabar nak balik wuuuu ~
Actually , I learn a lot of things here,things that I will never know if I choose to stay in kampung (long story) ..What is a campus life ? No word can describe that.

 Homesick ? Definitely the worst fear ever while being here but I can overcome it, Yeah ! Thanks to oppa Ihsan who will pick me up every weekend and take me to bowl, karaoke, movies. Now,it is fun to be here , KL awesome !

Friends. Thanks to Allah I have been given with good, nice,sweet, caring and a little bit crazy for some of it .. = =' but who cares. that is the best part of making friends.Heheh ~
Breaking rules, eating out, and doing eye scanning over the handsome brothers .. 0.o  whoopsie
That is our way to release stress,haha ..

Class. I think I have chosen the best course ever . It really suits me best. Adventure habaq hang .. Company visit, organise this event that event and no more boring or dry atmosphere in the class .. Wuhuu ! Wanna know more bout this course ? Then, be an UIAians and choose ENCOM . *promoting mode

There is too many things that I want to write but, you know, as people always said  .. LESS IS MORE , aite ?

That is all for tonight .. Annyeong ~

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