Monday, 29 October 2012

Cawan Kosong

What to do?

Keboringan tahap mega atmosfera cuti semester ni. Someone please take me out from Teluk Medan  aaaa Taiping mayybe ? Haha, speaking of Taiping surely remind me of my beloved carmate .

The only driver in the world that ask 3 ringgit for duit minyak Fitri Amiril, the always have to be jemputed at Simpang Empat Sya Syazana, the planner and the big boss for the day Mira Zakfar, the far far away house Awatif Husna and this one ayu girl Nor Adilah , hehe ..
Miss you guys !

Now, it become so hard to meet them and not just only them, others too. Can't meet Huda Ishak too last week because the meet up have to be cancelled because too many of them can't make it.

Yah,sure. Everyone have their own things to do and for us rite now is to seek knowledge. We have to study and find a decent job, make a big happy family, emm. We sure have our own path to walk on but in the end we still remember each other, we still support each other, we still miss each other. The only things that connect us is the du'a .

I will always pray for your wellness guys. Kan ku kenang Generasi 5ASC dalam doaku . :')
Moga sentiasa berada di bawah lembayung rahmat Allah, kengkawan .



  1. Replies
    1. I miss you more than you can imagine Miss Sya Syazana Binti Khairul Azmi .. :')

  2. Alooo ~ Kay kay , SORRY sir Azmi yang hengsem ..